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Fizz bomb classic

The Fizz Bomb Classic is a race with a deep history. Established in 1982, it has been a premier event showcased in Gillette, Wyoming for 41 years. The Thars are looking forward to producing the 41st annual event at the Cam-Plex event center in Gillette, WY in September 6-10,2023. This event brings approximately 800 horses and 700 spectators/contestants from all over the United States.

Fizz Bomb is scheduled for the next 5 years! Sept 3-8 2024, Sept 2-7 2025, Sept 8-13 2026, Sept 7-12 2027 and Sept 5-10 2028.

Thar’s Ranch Sorting

With a strong belief in family, ranching, agriculture, and fun, the Thars started producing ranch sorting events in 2007. They started with 50 teams, and it turned into 600+ teams shows. Thar Ranch Productions is currently producing 6 ranch sortings a year totaling 10 days of competition. Watch schedule for ranch/homestead for practice and events. 






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Fizz Bomb


Thar’s Ranch Sorting



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